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Student Ticket Portal Login

Big Orange Tix is THE PLACE for UT students to get tickets for football and basketball games.

We have a BIG announcement for the upcoming season…


Please be aware, DOES NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RESERVING A TICKET TO AWAY GAMES. You must request and purchase tickets as you always have through the Ticket Return login. The pickupmytix portal assumes you have a ticket already. Additionally, if you are picking up your own ticket, it is not necessary to designate yourself.

For those that have purchased away game tickets in the past, you know that we have allowed a student to pick up on behalf of another student. This is to allow students to sit together without asking them to skip class to do so. In the past, we have used email to do this, however, this would not be feasible for the number of tickets that we have for Battle at Bristol. That said, over the off season, we worked with OIT to develop a very simple portal to allow those with a net id and password to designate someone to pick up their ticket for future away games. The site,, is now available! Here is how it works for Battle at Bristol (and all future away games):


1) Go to anytime between August 8th – August 30th.

2) Enter your netid and password

3) Select the event from the drop down menu (in this case, the Battle at Bristol)

4) Enter the net id of the person you wish to designate to pick up your ticket and hit submit (obviously only one person can be designated to pick up your ticket). Again, if you are picking up your own ticket, you do not have to designate yourself.

5) The system will ask you to confirm that the net id you entered matches the person you want to pick up the ticket

6) Once you confirm, you will receive an email stating that you selected (pickup person) to pick up your ticket. The person picking up the ticket will also receive an email stating that they were designated to pick up (person that selected them)’s ticket.

7) Once you get a confirmation message, you can see under the “Active Ticket Pick Up Designees” who is picking up the ticket. This is where students can also revoke the pickup…just in case you decide you either want someone else to pick it up or if you want to pick it up yourself. If ticket pickups are revoked, an email goes to both parties stating so. Please note…revoking the pickup does NOT revoke the ticket.

8) Give your voucher to whoever is picking up the ticket! This is very important!! They will still need to present your voucher, however, they do not need to present your ID!!!! If you are picking up tickets, you MUST have your ID and all vouchers for the tickets you are picking up for. Again…VERY important. If you are still enrolled at UT and did not print your voucher at the time of purchase, you will have to wait until August 24th to access the system and print your voucher. As stated in the Spring, any (former) student should have already printed their voucher as they will not have access to Big Orange Tix any longer. They will be able to access the portal though.




Please be aware that you will not be able to login to the system until all of your fees are paid. Our system is tied to the Bursar’s Office registry which means your BigOrangeTix account will only be active after paying all your student fees.

Graduate or part time students are required to have paid the full programs and services fee required for athletic access in order to be eligible for student tickets.

To login, click on the “Sign In” button above!



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