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Changes to Ticket Request !!!

Hey Vols,

Due to the high volume of ticket requests (5-0, baby!) and an increasing concern coming from students regarding football ticket claims, Student Government has worked with Big Orange Tix to re-evaluate how the system will allot tickets to students for the upcoming Alabama football game. We will pilot a new process for assigning student tickets that will better address student concerns we have seen up to this point in the season. Here are the changes:

Request Period:
  • Nothing will change with the current process of requesting tickets. The request period will run from 7:30 A.M, 10/5 until 11:59 PM, 10/6.  Group ticketing will remain the same, and as always, requesting a ticket will NOT guarantee a ticket for the game. This is purely a request to purchase a ticket in one of the claim periods. Requesting a ticket at 7:30am on the first day does not guarantee a ticket any more than 11:59pm on the last day of the request period.


The manner in which football tickets are allocated in Claim Periods 1 & 2 will reverse.

Claim 1:
  • Starting with Alabama, the system will allot Claim 1 tickets strictly based on loyalty point order.
  • A little less than 7000 tickets will be used for Claim 1.
  • Awarding tickets in loyalty point order means that seating will also be awarded in order of loyalty points. This theoretically means that the more loyalty points students have, the better seat they will receive.  Please keep in mind, group seating can affect where your seat is assigned.  Your group’s loyalty point total is the average for the entire group, therefore you will be seated according to your group average.
  • This season, students have already had the opportunity to earn up to 10 loyalty points, including early entry loyalty point bonuses, to this point (the Florida game was only worth 1 point).  Whether a first year student or fifth year senior, everyone has had an opportunity to attend two games this season, regardless of loyalty points earned in previous seasons.
  • Due to the unknown number of groups and amount of requests for the game, we do not know what the cutoff point will be with regards to loyalty points for being chosen in Claim 1.
  • The length of the first Claim Period will not change; it will run from 7:30am on 10/7 to 4:00pm on 10/10.


Claim 2:
  • This is now a weighted lottery for all students not chosen in Claim 1, based on loyalty points (as Claim 1 has been up to this point). This means loyalty points earn a student a higher probability of selection but not a guarantee. Students with little to no loyalty points are still eligible for a ticket; the weighted lottery puts students with more points in the drawing more times.
  • Big Orange Tix will set aside 4000 tickets for allocation in Claim 2 in addition to the unpurchased tickets from Claim 1. Please realize that setting aside these tickets will result in a larger number of students not selected until Claim 2 than seen in previous games.
  • Due to the increased allotment, Claim 2 to will now extend to 4:00pm on 10/12 (a day more than what was in the original schedule).


On Demand::
  • As always, if tickets still remain after both Claim periods, students may purchase them on a first come, first serve basis. However, this period will now begin, Thursday, 10/13 at 9 AM.


Group Ticketing: The process and the likelihood of earning a ticket as part of a group remains the same. Loyalty points are averaged among all members of the group, and the system will use this average during the selection process.

We hope these changes will alleviate some of the concerns students have faced up to this point in the football season, and we will make adjustments as needed for the future.

-Your Student Government Association


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