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Thompson Boling Arena

Need to Know/Ticket Policies – Basketball


Students must be currently enrolled and have paid the full student programs and services fee to be eligible for the opportunity to attend UT basketball games. Eligible students are not guaranteed a ticket. Students who have not paid the full student programs and services Fee but are enrolled in at least 6 hours may opt to pay the full fee to become eligible for the opportunity to attend basketball games.

Plus Card

Eligible students may pay a fee and obtain a Plus Card through the VolCard Office to provide an individual 18 years or older and living in the same household the opportunity to attend basketball games. Purchasing a Plus Card does not guarantee the Plus Card Holder a ticket. The fee for a Plus Card must be paid every semester.


Home student basketball tickets are free.

In seasons past, we have had problems with students activating their student ID for basketball games and not deactivating them if they chose not to attend the game. This keeps students who would like to go to games from being able to activate their cards as the system views the game as sold out. With that in mind, we have spoken with student representatives, administration, and our staff to come up with a way to avoid this problem and allow more students an opportunity to attend games. The following policy will apply to basketball games:

Failing to attend three games without deactivating your student ID will result in revocation of basketball attendance privileges for the remainder of the season.

Important points regarding the policy:

  1. Deactivating your card is easy—all you need to do is log in at the online ticket system and click on the cancellation tab on the left-hand side of the page. Select the game you will not be attending and cancel your activation.
  2. You are able to deactivate your card until tip-off.
  3. You must have your ID scanned at the student gate by halftime to verify attendance.
  4. You will get a reminder email after two no-shows to help you avoid a third occurrence.
  5. All other procedures and policies regarding basketball tickets will remain the same.

We are implementing this policy to allow more students the opportunity to attend games, not to punish students. We hope that everyone will comply with the policy so that no one will have privileges revoked, and everyone who wishes to attend games will have the opportunity to do so.

Please help us spread the word to the student body. If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact us at or 865-974-8587.

Students have secure personal accounts in the online student ticketing system from which to manage their account information, track their attendance history, view their loyalty point total, and activate their Volcard for a basketball game.

  • Initial log-in — The first time students log in to the student ticketing system, they will need to use their NetID user name and the password “guest” (password is case sensitive). They will then be prompted to change the password to be unique to their account.
  • Email opt-out — By registering for tickets, students consent to receiving emails related to their ticket requests. Students can opt out of receiving additional emails regarding athletics events by checking the “disable emails” button under their student status information on the student information page of the online student ticket system. Students will then receive only emails related to their ticket requests (for example, email notification of being awarded a ticket).
  • Reminder emails — Students can choose to receive an automatic email reminder at the beginning of each ticket request period by checking the “reminder email” button under their student status information on the student information page of the online student ticket system.

Student home basketball game tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis through the online student ticketing system. To obtain a ticket, students need to log in to the system at the appropriate time (see the men’s and women’s ticket schedules) and reserve a ticket. Instead of a hard-copy ticket, the system activates their VolCard for access to the game. This process is called activating your VolCard. If a student has not activated their VolCard for a game, they will not be allowed entry into the game.


If after activating your Volcard you determine that you will be unable to attend the game, you must log back in to the online student ticketing system and cancel your ticket (deactivate your VolCard). This will provide another student the opportunity to obtain the ticket.

In order to provide the greatest number of students the opportunity to obtain tickets, student season tickets are not available. Tickets will be distributed on a game-by-game basis only.

No loyalty points are awarded for attending home basketball games.

Student guest tickets are not available for home basketball games.

  • Seating assignment — Student seating for basketball is general admission (no assigned seating).
  • Seating location — See the Thompson-Boling Arena page for a map of sections.
    • Men’s games — Depending on the game, student seating for men’s games will be located in sections 123–126, 128–130, and/or 322–327A, with overflow seating in sections 301A and 309A. The sections available for any given game are dependent on anticipated student demand for the game.
    • Women’s games — Seating for women’s games is located in sections 128 and 129, with overflow seating in sections 328–330 and 312–314.
  • Sitting together/group seating — To sit together, students should arrive at the arena together. Seats may not be held for late arrivals.

To gain access to the arena on game days, individuals will need to bring their student ID card (VolCard) or Plus Card which they have activated for the game. The card will be scanned at the doors.

In order to enhance safety and expedite fan entry at Tennessee athletic events, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville has implemented safety policies for fans bringing bags into all athletic venues, including Thompson-Boling Arena.

Only one clear plastic bag no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches or a one-gallon clear resealable plastic storage bag per person will be permitted. Fans will also be allowed a small clutch purse not to exceed 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches.

clear bag policy graphic

Read the full clear bag policy on

Student tickets are not transferable. Individuals may enter the arena only using their own activated VolCard or Plus Card.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Allowing someone else to use your VolCard or Plus Card or using someone else’s VolCard or Plus Card is a violation of the student standards of conduct and will result in student disciplinary action up to and including exclusion from the university.

Students may cancel their ticket for a game (deactivate their card) at any time. If after activating your VolCard for a game, you determine that you will be unable to attend the game, you must log back in to the online student ticketing system and cancel your ticket (deactivate your VolCard). This will provide another student the opportunity to obtain the ticket.

NOTE: These policies and procedures are current as of August 10, 2015. Policies and procedures are still being developed and are subject to change without notice.


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