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Loyalty points are awarded for attending home football games (points may not be awarded for games where student ticket demand exceeds allotment). They are not awarded for away games as we have no way to verify that the ticket was used. They are not awarded for any other UT sporting event. Loyalty points are NOT the same as T-Credits. The more loyalty points you have, the better chance you have at getting a ticket. Learn more about loyalty points on the Ticket Policies page.

Our ticketing system does not take class standing into consideration when awarding tickets. While upperclass students generally do have more loyalty points than freshmen and sophomores, simply being a senior does not factor into the selection process.

Were you part of a group? Please remember that you can have more loyalty points than any other student, but the loyalty point total for the group is based on the group average. If you are part of a group of students with very few loyalty points, it can affect your being chosen.

Loyalty points are awarded for selected home football games only. We do not award loyalty points for away games (no way to verify that the student actually attended the game) or any other sports. If student demand exceeds allotment, we typically do not award any points. Why? Because everyone wants to go to the big games, so those who were not selected will only be further penalized by not receiving points.

This could have happened for a few reasons. First, was the freshman part of a group? If so, the group’s average may have been high enough to get selected. Secondly, depending on how far we are into the season, the freshman may have accumulated enough points to be selected before a junior or senior who has not attended the same number of games. For example, during the 2016 season, a freshman who went to the Appalachian State season opener and the Ohio game, as well as taking advantage of the loyalty point bonus for early entry, would have accumulated nine points. This would have put them above many upperclass students who had been to previous games.

As long as you request your ticket during the request period window, the timing of your request has no bearing on whether you are selected. In other words, you can be the first person to request or the last, but it does not affect you getting a ticket.

While this is typically a problem only for high-demand games, keep in mind that there may be several thousand students logging into the system at the same time. We may have a very limited amount of tickets to sell, and they will go quickly. As an example, during the first-come, first-served sales period that occurred after claim period 1 and 2 for those on the waiting list for the Alabama game in 2016, we had a small number of tickets available, and they sold out in seven seconds.

Yes and no. If you have a high number of loyalty points, it can lower your chances of being selected if you are part of a group with others who do not have many points. In that situation, it can be a disadvantage. On the other hand, if you do not have a high number of loyalty points, it can better your chances. And if the group leader is selected, the entire group is selected. In those cases, it can be an advantage.

To be eligible to log into the ticketing system, you must be enrolled in classes and assessed the full student programs and services fee. If you meet this criteria and still receive this message, it could be due to a hold on your account. If you are not aware of a hold on your account and we have not blocked students due to a special sales period, feel free to contact Big Orange Tix and we can look at your account.

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for tickets.

Although guest tickets may be unavailable, it is possible that they may still appear in your cart at checkout. While we hope that our ticket provider will be able to resolve this issue soon, unfortunately, it is beyond our control. Please be aware that if guest tickets are unavailable but still appear in your cart, you are not receiving guest tickets and are not being charged for them.

Yes. Seat locations for away games are determined by when tickets are picked up. We know many students want to sit with friends, but class may prevent them from picking up their tickets together. A site has been created just for this purpose. A student can designate someone to pick up their ticket for them by logging on to using their NetID and password (not the same as the Big Orange Tix passoword). Read full instructions on designating someone to pick up your ticket.


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