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Vol fans in Neyland Stadium

Football Schedule/Ticket Distribution

Unless otherwise specified, each period begins and ends at the following times:

Request – begins on Wednesday at 9 am and ends the following day (Thursday) at 10 pm
Claim 1 – begins Friday morning at 9 am and ends Monday at 4 pm
Claim 2 – begins Monday at 4:01 pm right after claim 1 ends, and ends Tuesday at 4 pm
Demand – begins Wednesday morning 9 am, and ends at either halftime for home games or 4 pm for away games

No Events


If available, guest ticket pricing will be as follows:

Georgia State: $55
BYU: $75
Chattanooga: $45
Georgia: $110
Mississippi State: $75
South Carolina: $75
UAB: $45
Vanderbilt: $75

Away game ticket prices are as follows:

Florida: $100
Alabama: $120
Kentucky: $85
Missouri: $80