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Instructions for using Pick Up My Tix

Big Orange Tix has set up a portal that will allow you to designate someone to pick up your away game ticket on your behalf. There is no need to do anything if you are going to pick up your own ticket—in other words, you do not need to designate yourself. This portal is required only if someone else is picking up your ticket—but if that is the case, you MUST designate that person through

Two points to remember: First, a student ticket can be picked up only by another student. Second, does not have anything to do with reserving a ticket for away games. The portal assumes you have already purchased a voucher.

  1. Go to before the planned ticket pick up.
  2. Enter your NetID and NetID password (not your Big Orange Tix password).
  3. Select the event from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter the NetID of the person you wish to designate to pick up your ticket and hit submit. Obviously, only one person can be designated to pick up your ticket. And again, if you are picking up your own ticket, you do not have to designate yourself.
  5. The system will ask you to confirm that the NetID you entered matches that of person you want to pick up the ticket.
  6. Once you confirm, you will receive an email stating who you selected to pick up your ticket. The person picking up the ticket will also receive an email stating that they were designated to pick up your ticket.
  7. Once you get a confirmation message, you can see under “Active Ticket Pick Up Designees” who is picking up the ticket. This is also where you can revoke the pickup if you decide you either want someone else to pick it up or you will pick it up yourself. When a ticket pickup is revoked, an email goes to both parties stating so. Please note: Revoking the pickup does NOT revoke the ticket.
  8. This is very important: give your voucher to the person who is picking up your ticket! They will need to present your voucher and along with their own ID. If you are picking up tickets, you must have your ID and all vouchers for the tickets you are picking up.